My wife and I would just like to say that we had the best honeymoon ever!! Our 2 week trip to Hawaii, Fiji and Sydney Australia was a dream trip come true. Going to Fiji and staying in an over water bungalow was a dream we each had prior to meeting each other. To do this trip on our honeymoon was spectacular and DDTA travel agent made this trip smooth and carefree. We would like to thank Distinct Destinations on working out the kinks and allowing us to just simply enjoy our trip end to end without any worries of how to get around back and forth from the resorts, helping us with our excursions at each site and removing any possible hiccups. We appreciate her customer service, always happy and willing to listen and work with us to provide the best trip we could have. Thank you Distinct Destinations for all that you did!!

~ Rick

Yesterday I traveled to New York City with Cluster 1 and we had a wonderful time thanks to our Distinct Destinations agent and guide from Distinct Destinations. As we boarded the bus, the agent immediately established a relationship with each passenger and introduced herself to the bus driver. She remained friendly and cordial throughout the day and she gave personal attention to everyone. As we traveled, she insured that everyone was familiar with the days itinerary and she pointed out places of interest -Statue of Liberty,Ellis Island and Ground Zero. It was a good day because of Distinct Destinations.


There are no words that can express my thanks to Distinct Destinations Travel Agency. For several years they have catered to my travel needs. She has truly learned me!!! She knows my favorite travel spots, where I like to stay and what I like to do when I get there. Her professionalism is second to none and it is always good to be guided by Distinct Destinations.

~ Rev. Cherylynne D. Smith, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

It is always a pleasure to work with the Cheryl and the staff at Distinct Destinations. What sets them apart from other travel agencies is the friendly,personalized service. On a recent trip to South Africa, they graciously accommodated all of our needs and preferences. Even more, the staff has made a commitment to the community by investing in young people through one of their travel camp and other education programs. I am proud to be a client. /p>

~ Valerie Harrison, Esquire

Dear Distinct Destinations, I would like to sincerely thank you again for planning one of the most enjoyable trips we've been on together! Hawaii via of Vancouver was absolutely WONDERFUL. You were right...it was like a honeymoon! (lol) I appreciate the time and effort you took and the "love" you've shown. You are truly a professional, a friend and my Sister in Christ.

~ Sincerely, Beverly and Jake

My wife and I have used Distinct Destinations to book our last two vacations and we couldn't have been more satisfied. Our Mexico trip last year was booked with Distinct Destinations and we were completely satisfied with the trip and the service we received. Our latest vacation to Costa Rica was a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. All our accommodations, transfers, and excursions were planned in advance making our travels through the country worry free. This latest trip comprised of four cities, numerous excursions, and many transfers and we didn't have a single problem arise during trip. Distinct Destinations provided excellent service and prompt feedback when she was building our custom vacation package. No matter how small of question, DDTA would have an answer for us the same day! We definitely will book our future travels with Distinct Destinations and certainly recommend my family/friends to do the same. Thanks

~ Chris

Hi Toni, Ive been so busy. I appreciate all of your help for my P.R trip.Anthony and I had a great time. To start the hotel was beautiful. Although we didn't have ocean view, the scenery of the city from our balcony was really nice. The hotel we love with all of the great amenities and the convenience of walking to the beach right outside the gate of our hotel. I would definitely recommend this hotel to someone else. The package made everything so easy and quick from the flight to the hotel check-in. I will continue to use some sort of package deal when traveling. Thank you so much for everything!!


Hi Distinct Destinations: Just wanted to give you an update on our trip. It was wonderful and was easily my favorite vacation yet. I really enjoyed Costa Rica and loved all the activities and the micro climates in the country. I attached a review I put in a forum on tripadvisor.com below if you want more details or just email me. Once we get our pictures online I'll send you a link. Again thanks for your help in planning this and we look to working with you again. (However, I have a feeling we might be going back to Costa Rica sooner than later). Hotel is clean and comfy but there is nothing to walk to except a small Soda. We had dinner at the steak house and it was very good, a bit on the pricey side but HUGE portions.Two people can easily share. Didn't get the free breakfast since the rafting company picked us up so early.


As a writer, I'm always looking for distinct destinations to use as settings in my spicy legal fiction. In my debut novel, Tick Tock, a murder was committed on the beautiful pink sandy beach of Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda. It was a place that until I met Cheryl Gill, the owner of Distinct Destinations, had only existed in photos and travel magazines. But, as the novel approached a climax, I knew that a trip to the island was inevitable. Those secluded alcoves, the crystal caves, and the rippling blue waters, I had to experience for myself up close and personal in order to bring it to my readers in the pages of my romantic thriller. Distinct Destinations made it possible for me to venture outside of my own backyard bringing the picturesque destinations displayed in travel magazines within my reach. I was so impressed with the resources and attention to detail of the travel agency so much so that I again and again call on them to take me away. My next novel will take readers to Costa Rica in the pages of another romantic mystery and Distinct Destinations is mapping out a trip of my very own. So, away we go. Gail Ramsey, Author of Tick Tock Pros: Agents offer a wider range of personal travel expertise to places like Aruba, Africa,Barbados, Bermuda, California, Ireland, India, etc.

~ Novelist Gail Ramsey, Sug Books, Inc.

Dear Distinct Destinations: My husband and I had an amazing trip to Belize last Christmas. We flew into Belize City, then took a very short flight to Ambergris Caye. What a great little place! We stayed at Belizean Shores- good pool and close to other resort restaurants.Capricorn restaurant, located about 15 minutes (walking) from the resort was absolutely amazing food. The water is crystal clear and we spent mornings kayaking out to "wake up" with the dolphins- such a great, peaceful way to spend each morning. One day we did the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins. It was along drive across the country (to the Guatemala border) but Belize is a beautiful country. After seeing the amazing ruins, we went cave tubing and then stopped by a wildlife reservation and saw plenty of howler and spider monkeys,crocs, turtles, etc. We did a fishing trip with Tuff E Nuff tours- we really liked our tour guide (who also did the ruins with us). After fishing, he grilled a Beach BBQ for us- amazing food- with the fish we caught plus some lobster and crab he had caught. Then we snorkeled- he was great, knew where the sharks and stingrays were and we saw so many of both species! Another excursion we did was the Hol Chan Marine Reserve- where giant sea turtles were hanging out- then headed to Shark Ray Alley and dived. The diving is not deep there-probably 30 feet or so. I highly recommend Belize. Belizeans are beautiful people, great spirits and so friendly. We used a travel agent- and I highly recommend distinctdestinations.org She took care of everything for us- I told her my budget and she worked hard to stay within it and get us a great, beautiful unit 16 steps from the ocean. I will most definitely be using Distinct Destinations for future travel. She was so easy to touch base with- responded to emails within minutes usually.

~ Sincerely, Julie Wesson

Dear Distinct Destinations, This was definitely a vacation we really, really loved Christian Based, Best Prices, Courteous Service and Demonstrated Professionalism and Attention to Details. Yes, I often refer family and friends to Distinct Destinations Travel Agency. It is a full service travel agency that designs and sell travel packages for individuals or groups and/or business or pleasure.

~ Waterman

The owner, Cheryl D. Gill, is the professional and strives to provide her clients with high quality travel services to destinations all over the world. Ms. Gill,along with her highly qualified staff, strives to provide the best value for your travel dollar all while taking into consideration, first and foremost,your personal preference. Distinct Destinations is built upon total commitment to deliver top-notch services and quality travel packages. Distinct Destinations also has excellent employment opportunities. They offer a rare opportunity to train in the field without a start-up fee.


Good evening sister Cheryl, I pray this letter finds you & your family doing well. This letter is to compliment your staff mainly Antoinette Dennis.On our recent fellowship to see the I AM exhibit Antoinette showed us how to do things decent and in order. She organized times and contact persons at the Constitution Hall, when we needed someone to step up. When I called her in a small frantic tone she simply replied "this is what we do, we have taken several groups and you don't have to worry. Her expertise showed a personal care and put a calmness in our spirit. Her spirit will draw new clients to Distinct Destinations including My wife & I for future travel. Peace & Grace

~ Deacon & Deaconess Ware, Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church